Lost & Found Pets and Misc Animal Info (Modesto, Ceres, and Turlock)

Welcome to the group, and thank you for joining. Please take a moment to read rules for posting:

1. This group is for lost & found pets and those needing rehoming in the areas of Turlock, Ceres, and Modesto. Any other unrelated material will be deleted.

2. All posts need to start with LOST, FOUND or REHOMING to make it easier for those looking to her you.

3. Bullying, harassment, or attacking a group member for whatever reason will not be tolerated. We are here for animals, not drama, please respect one another. Comments, entire posts, and members are subject to being deleted. Please NO DRAMA!!

4. Please be careful when posting personal information.

5. Please give a description of the animal in as much detail as possible (sex? altered? color? breed? area last seen?)

6. Only one post per animal. Pictures can be added to comments or you can make an album or use a collage app.

It's all about getting animals back to their homes, and assisting in rescuing lost & found pets. Thank you everyone for all you do!

If you need the help of an admin, please contact Shurene Rehmke, Tina Sellars Simoes, Nikki Kimura, or Ally Juliet.