Rainbow Maldives

This is the Maldivian society against Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (SOGI) discrimination.

Rainbow Maldives is a movement that is concentrating on creating a strong community for LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning) Maldivians (especially for those who are still “in the closet”) & for our Heterosexual supporters.

Fear and silence are the greatest enemies of change. This group is intended to be a safe space, a forum in which people can ask questions and discuss issues freely, without fear of judgement or discrimination.

Your participation is crucial to the success of this project, so feel free to share!

We’re here to help in anyway we can.

"The white light streams down to be broken up by those human prisms into all the colors of the rainbow".
- Charles R. Brown

Posting Guidelines:
This group/project was established to help build the LGBTIQ community in the Maldives. We ask that members respect this spirit, as well as other members of the group.

Abusive language and hate speech will not be tolerated. It is our goal to avoid any form of censorship, but the admin reserve the right to remove any inappropriate content.

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