CEMS Aalto University - Spring 2012

Fellow Spring Semester Aalto CEMS students,

This group is being created for the 2012 Spring Semester Aalto CEMS class. I will try to include everyone in it, but if you know someone who is missing please let me know.

The purpose of this group is:

- To provide people with an idea of who your future colleagues will be and, if you want, to begin interacting with them.

- For those who are not from Aalto, to be able to ask questions and see them answered - hopefully, but someone who is from Aalto or by someone from the Aalto Cems Club.

- In a latter stage, this group intends to be the main channel of communication between all CEMS people, so that everyone can announce events, post questions or make suggestions! Everyone is therefore invited and encouraged to participate!

See you soon!

Warm regards,