Algerian Community in USA

Dear Current & Future members,

ACUS, the Algerian community in the U.S, is a group that bridges the Algerian Community in the U.S as well as Algerians everywhere who want to learn more about life in the U.S. If you do not currently live or are not interested to learn about the U.S, this is probably not the right group for you. For everybody else who fulfills the simple requirements described earlier, we are very excited to welcome you in our community. Please share your experiences in the U.S, ask coherent and useful questions, and let’s all represent our country as nicely as possible on Facebook by reinforcing our culture and traditions, respecting others’ opinions, and helping people. If you cannot help or do not know the correct information, DO NOT COMMENT! We have very resourceful members who can help better the person in need of advice. Thanks for keeping this group clean, respectful, energetic, helpful, and Algerian

Kindest regards,
The admins