Hicktown Tradin' Post - Baton Rouge, LA

Welcome to Hicktown!!! Built one neighbor at a time...cousin' tellin' cousin about it..friend tellin' friend... 'til we all joined up and made it work. Neighbor, helpin' neighbor :-)

You can sell just about anything 'round these parts... trade it, look fer it, ask fer it, tell about it, look fer work, harr somebody fer work... holler crost yer yard to yer neighbor 'bout a sale yer a-havin'... Give away thangs you don't need no more... just about anythang at all.... but... there are a few rules, and if you don't foller 'em... well... you can be r-u-n-n o-f-t... and here's some of the rules:

1. Be kind to each other... you just don't ever know who might be sittin' at the dinner table next to ya. Don't go airin' yer dirty clothes out on all yer neighbor's clothesline... if ya need to, send each other a message.. don't just holler at one another in the road where everybody's a-listenin'.

2. If you see yer neighbors post, and you're sellin' the "same thang", make a new post sayin' what yer sellin'... In other words, don't stand in their yard at their sale a-hollerin' "Same thang! Same thang! I'm a-sellin the Same Thang!!"... It just don't seem nice, and there's plenty of room in Hicktown to set up yer own stand.

3. If yer sellin' more than a couple of thangs... let's just say more than 2... don't run yer posts up and down the street... It just ain't fair to all yer neighbors. Make a picture album of all the thangs you got to sell on yer own personal genuine facebook page, and then share that picture album to to the Hicktown page. If you don't know how to do it, ask one of yer cousin's and ne'm to come over and show ya. That way everybody gits the same chance to git their thangs seen in town. If ya don't mind this rule, yer first two posts will be left alone, and the other'ns'll be taken down by the Mayor.

4. To keep yer postin's where folks can eye 'em ever once in a while, you can write "Bump'd" in the comment box under yer post. That'll brang it on back up to the top of the page.... Be smart about it though... If ya bump it too much, you gonna cause a dent in your neighbor's fender.. and they ain't gonna care fer ya much... I'd recommend no more'n once ever couple of days....

5. You can have the purtiest prize chicken in the parish, and if ya don't have a picture of it, you ain't never gonna be able to explain how purty it is ... in other words, a picture is worth a bunch of words.....

6. Use yer noggin' and don't post nothin' you'd be embarrassed if yer Maw-Maw read....

7. You can swap 'r trade...but always trade fair, and honest... Remember: If it don't come out in the warshin', it's gonna come out in the wranchin'....

8. There is some thangs that is prohibited just like whiskey drankin' at a barn raisin'... and those thangs are (listed alpherbetically below):

a) Pet/Puppy Mills: If you are a bonafide person with a puppy for sale from the lovin' union of pets you have at home, you are more than welcome to give them away, or sell them here in Hicktown... but... if they's any inklin' that you are breedin' and sellin' them lil critter's just fer the money...then you are escorted to the edge of town and not let back in. Feel free to tell about any free pets needin a good home.

b) Cussin', Fuedin', and Fit Throwin': It's alright to get aggervated now and then, but if you do, contact your administrators. Don't go a-fussin' all over the town.. a-rantin' and a-ravin' about this or that. Send yer neighbor a message, and leave it at that.

c) Stealin' and Theivin': Please don't steal the idea'rs or words from the Hicktown site. Them is published words and idears... Thank up yer own...it exercises yer thankin' and makes yer brain stronger :-) We'd also appreciate not advertisin' other sale groups here in Hicktown...if two towns have a circus in town and both of them are showin' the same elephant, everybody is eventually gonna git bored and go home... then, ain't nobody gonna be at either circus. :-) .... and Please... don't go stealin' nothin' from yer neighbor.

9. Hicktown is what they call an "Open Group"
..that means you can add any of yer friends, neighbors, fam'ly or cousin's an n'em to the site that might be innersted in eyin' it. Just click on that little box over there on the right under "member's" and type in a name you wanna add and ask 'em to visit. Just like any gatherin', if you git tired of visitin', you can always leave and come back.... Just click "Leave Group" on the right up there and you can still come back later... we'll leave the screen door unlocked fer ya.

10. Doin' business in Hicktown is totally up to you... Ain't no gaurantees so you gotta use yer noggin' and be smart about thangs. fer instance... Even if yer Aunt Eller makes the best tater salad around, don't go eatin' it after its set out on the table at the reunion all day.... and if you do, and you git sick, don't blame Aunt Eller.

More rules comin' as we need 'em...