Models Avenue

Welcome to Models Avenue – Manila, Philippines

Thank you for part of the number 1 Models, Events and Creative Group for Southeast Asia with 9 Thousand members and growing.

This group intends to congeal the relationship between all creative industries primarily, fashion, design, styling, makeup, modeling, photography and other related interests.

Group Priority:
Events, VTR’s, GOSEE’s, Fashion Competitions, Styling-Makeup-Photography and other closely connected services that will benefit all members

Please take note of the following:

* Unnecessary posts will be removed from this group.... NO DRAMAS or WHATEVER.
* Attention whores and retards will not be tolerated. We don’t care about your fan page or even your twitter links… post it in your own wall.
* People do know how to read… so please don’t flood our wall.

And Please be responsible to whatever you are going to post. May it be a repost/retagged/retweet from various events and go-sees… We all have social responsibilities and being dumb/ignorant is not an excuse. Let’s all be safe.

And BTW. don’t call it RAKET (sounds cheap) call it a PROJECT.

- erickson jao