Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance (BVAR)

BVAR is an archaeological project based out of western Belize, directed by Dr. Jaime Awe (Director) and Dr. Julie Hoggarth (Assistant Director). The project runs an annual fieldschool held during the summer. Current research is focused at the sites of Baking Pot, Cahal Pech, and Lower Dover.

2013 Staff:
Dr. Jaime Awe
Myka Schwanke
Dr. Julie Hoggarth
Rafael Guerra
Christina Zweig
Carrie Hickey
Catharina Santasilia
Nancy Peniche May
Wendy Dorenbush
Anna Novotny
Mat Saunders
Jim Pritchard
Christy Pritchard
Muggs Alexander
Jim Conlon
Angie Perrotti
Dr. John Douglas
Mike Petrozza
Sarah Bednar
LeAnn duMenil
John Bowler
Dr. Ashley McKeown
May Mzayek

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