Army ROTC Club of Stanford University

At a school without a formal ROTC program, it is often difficult for Stanford ROTC students to feel a connection between their Stanford and ROTC experiences. Army ROTC of Stanford University hopes to be a means by which Stanford ROTC students can fill this void; the club by no means aims to act as a formal ROTC program, but merely hopes to make ROTC students here at Stanford feel more connected to their university and one another as both students and cadets. The general aim of Army ROTC of Stanford University is two-fold: first, we hope to establish a network for Stanford ROTC students to share their experiences as student-cadets, and secondly, we hope to be able to provide more information and education on ROTC to the Stanford campus. Our primary functions as a club will be to: 1) organize fundraising and publicity activities for ROTC, 2) create connections with the Navy and Air Force ROTC students at Stanford, and 3) provide ROTC students with an opportunity to spend more casual/social time with one another outside of the regular ROTC instruction and training they receive off-campus.