Association of Indians at Rutgers (AIR)

Association of Indians at Rutgers

As one of the largest student... organizations at RU, AIR represents over 400 members, making it THE largest cultural association at a university that boasts one of the largest Indian populations in the nation. For years, AIR has played an active and vital role in unifying the Indian community at Rutgers. Our rich and diverse traditions are represented at each event AIR sponsors, making it an organization through which all people -- Indian or non-Indian -- can celebrate Indian culture. We are immensely proud of our heritage and welcome you to the official AIR website. Please spend a few moments to learn about all we have to offer.

Jai Hind!

The main purpose of our organization includes:

-Promoting cultural and social awareness of the Indian tradition to all students at Rutgers University.

-Providing opportunities for our members to display appreciation for Indian culture through our various events, which include shows, meetings, and other cultural get-togethers.

-Helping our society by organizing relief efforts and funding to those less fortunate by way of the many charitable organizations we support.

-Interacting with other cultural organizations to bring unity to the Indian community at Rutgers.

Congrats to our new board members for the 2009-2010 school year!

Freshmen Reps:
Rohit Gijare
Kanak Verma
Morli Gandhi

Sophmore Reps:
Zain Ahmed
Dhara Shah
Amol Gandhi

Special Events Director:
Kumar Shah

Maya Nachi

Committe Chair:
Dipika Patel

Assistant Tech Chair:
Sahil Ramchandani