ArabSA- Northeastern University's Arab Student Association

The Arab Student Association, commonly known as ArabSA, is an organization founded with the intention of presenting the culture and ethnicity of the Arab society to the community at Northeastern University. Our emphasis is based on exposing and defining the Arab students through cultural activities such as art exhibits, traditional costumes, performances, films, and lectures. In addition, ArabSA serves to represent the large number of Arab students at Northeastern University.
Our organization is secular and does not adhere to any religious beliefs nor does it represent any government. We are proud of our Arabic heritage and feel that it is necessary to promote cross-cultural
relations between the academic community at Northeastern University as well as around
Boston and the Arab population on campus.
We would like to present to the students of Northeastern our unique Heritage which extends from the Ocean to the Gulf. We strongly believe that we can characterize our culture and heritage to the contemporary student via presenting and educating about our part of the world which we
personify as students at NU.