Cambridge University Chinese Society

If you have any Chinese blood in you or not and if you like noodles, chicken chow mein, aromatic duck, roast duck cantonese style, martial arts, kung fu, confucious, bruce lee, cantopop, mandarinopop, the chinese culture, chinese history, chinese politics, caligraphy, the four major chinese inventions, hea-ing, article writing, manga, animations, football, the English Premiere League, basketball, the NBA, badminton, table-tennis, ancestor-worshipping, shopping in huge high-class shopping malls, getting cheapest things no matter what, bargaining to the nearest cent or penny, birthday celebrations, formals, wine-tasting, chilling, cookouts, streetstanding, talking loudly as if it's normal volume, cinema-ing, karaoke-ing, clubbing, msning, facebooking.........and the list goes on....and on.....

Then JOIN US~! :)

ChiSoc prides itself as being one of the most thriving cultural societies in Cambridge, boasting a member base of more than 300 active members (and counting!) As a member, you will enjoy being part of a closely-knit community - every year, we host an exciting array of events for our members, from annual formals to parties and competitions and not least the Variety Show.

ChiSoc is more than just a society. ChiSoc is a family, and we are committed to our principle of promoting friendship amongst our members and making our society as inclusive as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up NOW and become part of ChiSoc! :D


Current committee members (2014 - 2015):

President: Christopher Ho (Natural Sciences, Magdalene)

Vice-president: Euchine Ng (Law, Trinity)

Treasurer: Alfred Chang (Economics, Magdalene)

Internal Secretary: Grace Li (Economics, Emmanuel)

External Secretary: Jonathan Leung (Law, Homerton)

Publicity Officer: Justin Chan (Economics, Fitzwilliam)

Sports Secretary: Kelvin Yeung (Engineering, Sidney Sussex)


We welcome any queries, comments or suggestions you may have regarding our society and our work. If you have any unanswered questions about the society, please feel free to browse our site or get in touch with any of our committee members!

To subscribe/unsubscribe to our mailing list, please go to then type in "soc-cuchin" in the search field. A list of self-explanatory options would be available to you!