ExSoc (Expedition Society, Exeter University)


Those of you brought here via the Students' Guild website, as well as those who have stumbled across this page - you've reached the home of the greatest society on campus! We are the group who will take you beyond the immediate attraction of the pubs and clubs of Exeter to some of the most stunning, and sometimes challenging, areas of Britain. We are a varied crew of explorers, drinkers, thrill seekers, and everything in-between. If this sounds like the sort of thing you want as part of your University experience then get involved - join our group to find out when our next Firehouse social will be and what trips we will have on offer!

We hope to see you very soon. You can join ExSoc for the year for just £10 online, which includes most of the kit you’ll need for the year – tents, waterproof trousers and jackets, roll mats and sleeping bags. It also includes a 20% discount at two outdoor shops in Exeter (Taunton Leisure and Moorland Rambler).


If you have any questions then just ask!

ExSoc Committee