Cardiff University Debating Society

If you ‘win’ arguments by shouting loudest and longest, or shifting the goalposts, you will not succeed at debating.

We are an impartial group dedicated to promoting the discussion of issues and ideas.

Debating is about challenging current ‘wisdom’, existing ideas, beliefs and preconceptions. Debating is not about intensifying or cementing your beliefs, or necessarily changing them. It’s about challenging all opinions through reasoned argument, in a format where you never get to pick your ‘side’.

Not ones to shy away from controversial issues, we hold public events which have included debates on abortion, multiculturalism and British foreign policy towards Hamas.

Within the society, we hold weekly training sessions and workshops. For the more competitive among you there is the opportunity to debate competitively most weekends, often in such exotic and exciting places as Berlin, Paris, Turkey and Manchester. But even if that’s not your thing, feel free to come along, because debate has more to offer.

If you want to become more confident, improve your public speaking and sharpen your skills of analytical thinking, as well as make new friends, come down to one of our meetings. It’s also fun… honest!

We meet every Thursday at 7pm in the Bute Building.

If you are a society interested in co-hosting a debate or event, or you just want a hand with debate format etc, message any of the exec.

Executive Committee Members:

President - Chiara Alessandri
Vice-President - Craig McDonald
Treasurer - Michael Hughes
Social Secretary - Chris Lally
Training Officer - Abigail Palmer
Internal Convenor - Sravya Bathula
External Convenor - Egle Gradeckaite
Schools Officer - Henry Atkinson
Events Officer - Joshua Green
Novice Representative - Usman Mahmood Bukhari