Ale Viola! ACF Fiorentina Calcio is the best!

What's there to not love? They were able to rise back up after an Enronesque bankruptcy. They're still in Serie A, despite possibly cheating. Luca Toni scores more goals than anyone in Europe (adjusted for league competitiveness). They've got Adrian Mutu, the most lovable coke addict in Italian soccer since Maradona. They have some of the most unique uniforms in Europe, at least compared to Juve's white and black stripes, Inter's blue and black stripes, and Milan's red and black stripes.

Even better than that are the fans. When you're in the Fiesole Curve, don't bother looking for a seat, because odds are there's already two people sitting in it. Just try to find a place where you won't suffocate. The fans also perform crazy antics, such as train destroying, and after a tight loss to Siena, an attempt to hijack the team bus. They probably weren't making sure that Nakata had a bowl of rice either...

Whether you studied in Europe, just passed by, or took up residence in the Franchi, this is the group for all Fiorentina fans.