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"The area was once part of the great ancient kingdom of Axum. You can find ruins all over from that time. This route between the Red Sea, the Nile River, and the African interior has seen much turmoil. Among others, the Ottoman Turks in the 16th century and the Egyptians and Italians in the 19th century took their turns stirring up things. Finally in 1899, Italy moved in and established the permanent colony of Eritrea. In 1936 after acting as a base for invading Ethiopia, Eritrea became a province of Italian East Africa. When England drove out the Italians in 1942, Eritrea became a United Nations Mandate under joint Ethiopian and British control. In 1952 England handed external control over to Ethiopia of a still-internally independent Eritrea. But in 1962 Ethiopia annexed Eritrea and the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) was born to begin a 30-year fight for independence, of which ERITREA won with only 3.5 million people"

March 30, 1998 TIME Magazine
"By logic, the Nation of Eritrea (pop. 3 million) should not exist. The secessionist province's independence fighters ought never to have defeated Ethiopia in their 30-year-long struggle. They were outmanned, outgunned, abandoned or betrayed by every ally; their cause was hopeless. They won by force of character, a unity and determination so steely not all the modern armaments, super power support or economic superiority of Ethiopia could withstand it. The spirit that saw the Eritreans through 10 years in the trenches of their mountain redoubt at Nakfa has built them a Nation from scratch; since independence was finally consummated in 1993."

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