Al Gore 2008

A leader with a vision and a moral compass.

Why Gore?

Whether the issue is global warming, war and peace, reforming government, or leading a technological revolution, Al Gore has always been ahead of the curve. The climate crisis may be hot today, but Congressman Gore was pounding on this issue long before Washington had even heard of global warming.

In 2002, he became the first prominent political figure to speak out against the war in Iraq. His predictions came to pass with painful precision. In the months and years that followed, Gore continued to brave the political winds by speaking out forcefully and compellingly on this and other issues of moral imperative: the assault on the Constitution, the abuses of executive power, the dire consequences of the Administration’s economic and environmental policies. He called for Rumsfeld’s resignation in the wake of the Abu Ghraib scandal and for the repeal of most of the Patriot Act.

Al Gore personifies a cause to millions of people who fiercely believe he was rightfully elected in 2000, and who will never get over the events that stopped the counting of the votes in Florida and put the election in the hands of a partisan Supreme Court. To this day people continue to address him as President Gore. As Martin Peretz wrote in a June 2006 op-ed in The New Republic, “there is an undercurrent of guilt around the country about the fact that the presidency was taken from him by a vote of 5 to 4."

Without a Gore candidacy, the country will be forever divided by a profound sense of justice denied. He may not have wished to become a cause, but millions of Americans cannot forget, and many more wonder each day, “What could have been?”

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