John F. Kennedy Graduates

Opened: September 14, 1964
Capacity: 2,200 Students
Cost: $2,369,00 (in 1964)
1st Grad Class: 1966
Nickname: Fighting Irish
Yearbook: Eternal Flame
School Paper: Shamrock
Student Store: Shenanigan
School Colors: Kelly Green, White, Gold

Class of '66 found and placed the first Blarney Stone in the Senior Circle. Savanna High School pranksters broke up the original.

The rocking chair, displayed at assemblies, is a replica of one that President Kennedy used. NO ONE ever sits on the chair in respect of JFK. It was a gift from the Kennedy Family.

The school's first yearbook in 1965 was sent to Mrs. Jaqueline Kennedy.

Edward Kennedy visited Kennedy High School in 1974.

The Emerald Chain if made up of the top 10 male and female students in the Junior Class. They line up the path for the Seniors at graduation.

1974 was the 1st year the Kennedy band played in Ireland's St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Kennedy was the first school in the AUHSD to have soccer.

Mr. Larry Buie was in the 1st Grad class from Kennedy H.S. He was named "Boy of the Year", Later changed to "Mr. Irish".

The Senior Circle looks like a three leaf clover from above.

JFK H.S. was originally going to be called Centralia High School. The nickname was going to be the Patriots and the colors were red, white, and blue.

Our School, that grand old Kennedy
We praise thy name with loyalty.
So true to thee trials there be-
She'll always be so dear to me.
Green, white, and gold-we'll fight to gain
The crown of victory and fame.

The Fighting Irish we will be-
To win our fight for victory.
Good sportsmanship and honor, too,
Will be supreme in all we do.
We'll be remembered like the flame-
A living tribute to the name.

(Verse 3 is sung only at graduation)

As graduating class depart,
A tear flows from each loyal heart,
The school that guides us all the way
from the dark defeat to light of day
We know that when we meet again.
All hail to thee, oh, Kennedy.