Archsoc (Edinburgh University Archaeology Society)

ArchSoc is the Edinburgh University Archaeology Society. It is run by students, for anyone who is interested in archaeology!

We arrange a variety of events throughout the year for members and non members. If you are interested in joining, please read the rest of the site to see the things we get up to and join us at our weekly pub night.

Your committee for 2014/15
President - Zack Highman
Secretary - Becky Wilson
Treasurer - Ruairidh Dalglish
Publicity Officer - Kristie Jayne Yorkston
Social Events Officer - Iona Diver
Dig Chief - Lisa Bird

If you need any help/advice feel free to drop us an email at any time!

Lectures for Semester 1 are:

30th September- Laura Sinfield 'Grave Discoveries: Forensic Archaeology'

14th October- Damien Flas 'The missing piece of the jigsaw: the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic in Central Asia'

28th October- David Breeze 'Reconstructing Hadrian's Wall'

11th November- Kevin Munro 'After the Guns are Silent...: The Archaeology of the First World War'

18th November- Sue Hampstead 'Exploring the Wemyss Caves'

We (the committee) take photographs at events by standard and upload all onto the page regardless of image quality and camera type. They can be put onto the website and the page, and may be used for promotional purposes. Photographs may be used for our posters, newsletters, future events and on our social networking. We DO NOT ever target or deliberately put up unsavoury photographs of individuals. We however cannot ensure all photographs are high quality. If you do have see any problems with photographs or any images let a committee member know privately or email us and we can remove it for you, or ensure it does not get circulated. Commenting or clicking 'report' may cause more attention to the image or photograph than wanted.

We hold open meetings every two weeks. Any members are welcome to attend, unless otherwise stated (which will have to be announced a week in advance, in accordance with our constitution). Meetings are at the New Amphion in Teviot on Wednesdays every other week:

1st October
15th October
29th October
12th November
26th november

Minutes are available on request.