Brown County Rummage Sale

.We have been growing in numbers at a very fast rate. As a result I just wanted to remind our old members and inform our new members of our rules.
1. When you post items please include the price.
2. People have a right to chose what price they want for an item. Many times it is too high and even sometimes too low :) If you are interested in the item please PM the person with a different offer. If you dont agree with a price and your not interested there is no need to say anything.
3. It is up to each individual who they chose to sell an item to. If they get 10 offers and they like the 7th one best ...fine.
4. When buying an item please DO NOT expect the seller to bring it to you or meet you somewhere. Arrangements for pick up can be made between the buyer and the seller...but remember it IS the buyers responsibility to pick up the item.
5. Please be respectful and kind to everyone here. Bickering , false or misleading ads, and rudeness WILL NOT be tolerated.
6. PETS - There has been a big debate on the laws of selling puppies under 8 weeks. I do not however have a problem with listing an animal early and making arrangements for their new owner to get them when they reach 8 weeks of age. Lets be careful about obeying the law.
7. Multiple Pictures ARE to be posted in an album,
8. No bumping more than once every 24 hours.
9. No gun sells!!
Any problems you may have you may contact me Vicki Dowers , Lisa Lisa Lusk Stiens, DeAngela Friedhof, or Nikki Ernst