Hari Mata Hari = ljubav

For those who love the group Hari Mata Hari, love the music, or heard of them the first time because they won third place in the 2006 Eurovision Song Competition with the song "Lejla". [Off eurovision.tv - " 'Lejla' is an Arabic word meaning a very dark night, specifically one in which one’s destiny is determined by God.]

[An interesting bit of info about the song's composer -

As a composer, Željko Joksimović has been well-known to festival audiences for many years... His first Eurovision entry for Serbia & Montenegro was ‘Lane Moje’ (‘My Precious One’) - a song written and arranged by himself. It finished second in the 2004 Final.]

(As a sidenote, here's the facebook group for Zeljko - http://washington.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2384896200 )