Javier Zanetti. The Perfect Footballer.

He can cover the entire Earth with his invincible running.
He can smash cold hard steel with his tough but always fair tackling.
He can drive an entire team on his own shoulders.
He can move forward with the ball with such poise and control that it's as if it's glued to his feet.
His speed and agility belie his infinite and supreme strength.
His passing is impeccable and unerringly accurate.
He shoots like a striker, dribbles like a winger, babysits the defence and organises the midfielders, mixing it up with the one-man counterattacks that he engineers by himself.
He is the one-man engine room.
His indefatigable workrate and inspiring leadership spur his team to great things.
He is the perfect example of the old-style footballer that is so lacking in today's football world.
His character, mentality, and bravery are an inspiration.
His strength of will ennobles his teammates.
His sportsmanship befriends his opponents.
At the end of the game, he is the first to shake hands and say 'well done'.
In his spare time he works tirelessly to help children who have no parents, he helps the children who live in poverty and he fights injustice through his children's foundation.
He is the living embodiment of the footballing gentleman of yesteryear.
He will live forever in the hearts of Inter fans. His glorious career will always be remembered by a grateful Argentina.
He will pass into legend as a hero, unbroken by age and undiminished by defeat.
His greatest legacy? The fact that when the chips are down and everything looks like falling apart, young children watching football will listen attentively as their fathers tell them, 'You know, if Zanetti was here, everything would be alright."

He is Javier Zanetti.

He lives.

El Pupi, fuerza y suerte.

Traaaa i nerazzurri c'è!
uuuuuun giocatore che!
driiiiibla come pelè!
vai ZANETTI alè!