ASA - Albanian Student Association At UConn

The Albanian Student Association is open to everyone--Albanian or otherwise, of any and every cultural background-- seeking to learn about and celebrate Albanian culture as well as other cultures. Although offiical, formal membership in ASA is limited to the UConn community, the organization boasts of a larger, wider network of supporters (friends, family, students at neighboring universities or institutions, community leaders, etc.) within and beyond UConn. The ASA hosts a number of events—including on-and-off-campus celebrations, cookouts, movie nights, bowling, rock-paintings, student conferences, etc.—that allow Albanian students (or students with interests in Albanian culture) throughout Connecticut to meet and make new friends. A conference is held annually, in which keynote speakers are asked to discuss critical community issues, such as finding a good balance between American and Albanian lifestyles and promoting higher education among youth. In addition, ASA members are dedicated to a number of community service activities. ASA fundraises throughout the year in order to donate funds to various charities and in order to provide a scholarship for a college-bound Albanian-American CT high school senior. In short, the ASA gains more prominence and aspires to generate greater community involvement within the university with every passing year.