Abraham Lincoln High School Alumni - Los Angeles, CA

Established in 1878, Abraham Lincoln High School in Los Angeles, CA nurtured and kindled countless minds of young adults growing up around the Lincoln Heights area.

All graduates and alumni of Abraham Lincoln High School (LAUSD) are welcomed to join. Please feel free to make use of this group to keep in contact with your former classmates, update your friends about reunions, or meet up with your old high school sweethearts...

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School Information:

Year Opened: 1878

Colours: Black and Orange

Mascot: Tiger

Alma Mater:

"All Hail To Lincoln"
Words by Agnes E. Peterson
Music by Louis W. Curtis

All hail! All hail! To Lincoln hail!
Hail alma mater true!
Throned on thy heights that upward reach,
To skies of cloudless blue.
Our hearts beat warm in loyalty,
Our love shall never fail;
To thee, in praise our song we raise,
All hail, to Lincoln, hail!

Hail, alma mater, Lincoln, hail!
Thy loyal sons so bold shall count their duty but a joy thy honor to uphold.
Untarnished shall thy fair name shine,
No doubts thy fame assail;
Each heart and voice approve our choice,
All hail, to Lincoln, hail!

When, alma mater, far from thee
Our wand'ring paths shall turn,
Still for thy ever fost'ring care
Thy children all shall yearn.
Thy kindly lore, thy creed so true,
Within us shall prev'l;
And then each heart shall own thy party,
All hail, to Lincoln, hail!


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Go Tigers!