Emory University Washington D.C. Alumni Association

Welcome to the D.C. Chapter of Emory Alumni group! Find out about exciting events in the D.C. area and connect with fellow alumni right here.

Emory alumni are the ultimate ambassadors of the University. The Emory Alumni Association seeks to encourage its more than 100,000 members to actively participate in the University community and to be engaged members of the Emory family. The EAA hosts presidential visits, faculty speakers, networking and professional gatherings, social events, and many more activities on campus and in over 40 cities around the world. These events allow alumni to work with Emory in recruiting the finest prospective students, to mentor current students and other alumni in their careers, and to offer support for the University's institutional goals. The EAA represents alumni in all 50 states and 152 nations. Among them are Pulitzer Prize winners, Rhodes Scholars, bishops of the United Methodist Church and other denominational clergy, and elected leaders in federal, state, and local governments.

EAA's programs and services also provide alumni with meaningful opportunities to produce, strengthen, and maintain connections with other alumni in order to develop and enhance their personal leadership qualities. By keeping alumni informed and involved in the actions of the University, the EAA keeps the spirit of Emory alive within its alumni. The EAA wants alumni to feel not only a constant connection to the University, but also feel as if they never left it.

Check out the EAA website at alumni.emory.edu.