Free National Movement (Bahamas)

This group is a common ground for supporters and those interested in the Free National Movement political party. Our aim is to encourage and foster debate, to confront national and international issues and to analyze the FNM's response to them.

This is an unofficial forum and the views and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Free National Movement, its leadership or membership. See for official communication from the Free National Movement.

For details about the FNM Constituency Association where you live, please contact the FNM Headquarters at 393-7853, or the Headquarters in Freeport.

ALSO visit the FNM National Headquarters Logo Store on Mackey Street.

The Free National Movement was born out of a struggle for greater accountability and transparency; the party cut its teeth in the fight to deliver our country from political corruption and victimization and it reached maturity as a government whose tenure and accomplishments have become the standard against which all future governments of The Bahamas will be judged.

Over 30 years ago, the founders of the Free National Movement had the wisdom and foresight to recognize the absence of truly democratic principals among the leadership of the then governing party. They separated themselves and adopted as their motto “FREE”. The Dissident Eight held themselves to a high standard, one that was fueled by love of country and commitment to serve all Bahamians, fairly and equitably. Today, the nation, and yes, the world, continue to hold the FNM to a higher standard. The Free National Movement is proud of this mantle. FNM Leaders have been great figures in Bahamian history, men and women of character, honor, and ethics who abhor corruption and detest victimization.