I am sorry to disturb you, Sir/Mam. I have posted in our group several times, but only few responded me. Therefore, some of you maybe didn’t see my post. Let me introduce myself first.
I am running a manuscript service company in China. In the past one year our company has recruited more than 10 experienced ones from india. As our company expands, we need more and more experienced phd or post-docs from medicine or pharmacy or organic chemistry, or biology related with diseases or animal cells fields to join in us because our clients are from the correspondingly field. Our work is very flexible, you can work at home as a part time job. Our payment is 10 times higher than the similar companies in india, but we need high quality of work. The candidates who have publication experience will be considered first.
We are offering two different kinds of project to all of you.
Type one is revision and submission work. We will pay you 550 euro (for impact factor less than 1.0 )or 750 euro (impact factor over 1.0) after acceptance. But we cannot pay you in advance. You need to revise the papers offered by our clients, then submit to journals chosen by you. We also can offer help in choosing journals.
Type two is writing projects. The payment will follow two steps. When you finish writing, then we pay you 500 euro immediately. Once the paper is accepted, we pay 500 euro more (impact factor less than 1.0) or 1000 euro more (impact factor over 1.0)
If you have any queries, please contact me without hesitation. I hope I have explained clearly.
If you are interested in this kind of part time job and want to know more details, please contact me by facebook or send email to my email ID (
If you want to join in us, please consider whether you can handle our projects
1. candidates who have have index publications will be considered
2. PHD or Post-doc are preferred
3. only candidates from medicine or pharmacy or organic chemistry or biology related with diseases or animal cells fields will be considered.
I have to say sorry again for disturbing you. Good luck.