The Kazakhstan Student Society in the UK

This is the mission statement of "Kazakhstan Student Society in UK" (from now on referred to as 'KazSociety') and it elaborates its mission and values. KazSociety is a non-profit body which was created in 2002. KazSociety's sole aims are:
- to serve fellow students from Kazakhstan by providing information and support as well as cultural, informational and entertainment events.
- to promote Kazakhstan and Kazakh culture in the United Kingdom.

These functions are performed by the committee (also known as 'team' or 'board), staffed by students.

The values of the committee are the following:
- hard and honest work.
- friendship and mutual trust both inside and outside of the KazSociety.
- constant focus on progress and search for new ideas for events and how to better provide support and help to students.
- inclusiveness and tolerance of all students, and hosting events which are non-exclusive.
- bringing students together and forging friendships, and preventing student feuding or confrontations.
- respect for the work and sacrifices of current and past ex-members of the society.
- open and respectful dialogue with any other body, especially one that shares the values of the Society.
- patriotism. The committee encourages students to do their best to promote Kazakhstan in the UK, and to share information about Kazakhstan and Kazakh culture whenever they meet a person unfamiliar with either. This is not only to raise awareness of Kazakhstan and Kazakh culture, but also to encourage foreign investment and inbound tourism.
To perform the stated mission and to uphold the stated values, KazSociety strives to work closely with the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the United Kingdom, the British Kazakh Society, Bolashak Foundation, and the British Council. Committee members are constantly looking for ways for meaningful dialogue with all of these bodies and to assist them whenever such opportunities arise.
KazSociety pays particular attention to Bolashak students. Several former and current committee team members are Bolashak recipients. KazSociety aims to provide informational support to Bolashak students early on in the academic years during the crucial arrival and easing-in process. Committee members care for all Kazakhstani students in the UK, and this is especially true with regards to Bolashak members. The committee recognizes Bolashak recipients as highly-gifted and driven individuals who will rise to the top of their professions very quickly and will transform Kazakhstan for the better, therefore KazSociety views that it is vital to support Bolashak recipients.
KazSociety maintains links with many Kazakhstani alumni of UK universities to provide them with information on the current state of the student activity in the UK, to forge lasting friendships, and to liaise on behalf of Kazakhstani students in UK in order to help students find employment following their graduation.
Another important aspect of the committee activity is charitable activity. KazSociety always works to raise awareness of the issues of lesser fortunate. KazSociety strives to attract and help the student population in UK embark on charitable activities. KazSociety encourages students and alumni to give generously. Since 2005, more than KZT2m was raised and distributed to charities.
Crucially, KazSociety encourages hard work and diligent studying. Team members believe in an ancient Kazakh saiyng: "Okusiz - bilim zhok. Bilimsiz - kunin zhok". A significant part of the activity and especially the career and job presentations are there to motivate fellow Kazakhstani students to succeed and achieve high grades. On the other hand, cultural and intellectual presentations by the speakers are there to encourage students to develop a professional level of understanding of their chosen subjects. KazSociety wants to help students to gain expertise and practical knowledge.
KazSociety is an organization which serves the new generation of leaders of Kazakhstan. Team-members work hard to ensure KazSociety exists for many years to come and helps numerous cohorts of future alumni achieve their goals and enjoy their time in the United Kingdom.

Yours respectfully,
the team of Kazakhstan Student Society in UK