German ShortHair Pointers

This group is about sharing the experience of owning German Shorthaired Pointers in all its funny, silly, and beautiful flavors. Post your photos and stories or engage in sharing or receiving useful information. This group is *Not* about advertising forthcoming litters or soliciting breeding intentions but rather helping GSPs in dire need of help and rescue.


This group is monitored by three Administrators:
Lisa Parente, Cheryl Burns Feichter, and Antje Carlson.
Please contact an admin with any questions or concerns.

To maintain a harmonious digital environment in such a big group, we needed to establish some ground rules. They evolved out of the experience we have had in administrating this group.

• Maintain civility!
Some topics create more emotional reactions than others. Those ‘hot button issues’ (popular ones are e-collar, breeding) quickly descend into personal attacks and name calling that simply have no purpose. Sometimes even harmless questions are turned into verbal diatribes and sometimes individuals post intentionally provocative comments and questions. The Administrators of this group will not tolerate such intentionally provocative questions, the use of undignified language, name calling, and personal attacks. If a harmless posting gets out of control, the entire post will be removed without warning. If someone intentionally posts a question for the sake of stirring the pot, the poster will be removed, too.

• No Market Policy!
This group has a ‘No Market Policy’ for puppies and adult dogs. This means you cannot advertise any forthcoming litters or puppies and cannot solicit any adult dogs for sale or breeding. Rescue, shelter and foster dogs are an exception. The purpose of this group is to help GSPs that have been abandoned for whatever reason. You may post a call for help in transportation, advertise available dogs, post fundraiser events for non-profits. Puppy photos are allowed as long as they are not presented in a show-like way that clearly advertises for the purpose of selling. Group photos and play photos are ok. Any sale and purchase conversation needs to be conducted privately. The Admins monitor the postings and all suspicious looking posts will be removed.

• No private money solicitations!
Any personal calls for private money donations and support to finance one’s own dog are not allowed and will be removed. Only established non-profit organizations can solicit donations.

• No Advertisement!
Unless your ad is GSP related, you may not post a commercial advertisement. Individuals who produce something GSP related (for example, they write books about GSPs or produce GSP jewelry) may advertise from time to time. As a rule of thumb to avoid spamming the page, please limit advertisement posts/links to no more than 1-2 times a month. Exception: "limited time" fundraisers for established rescues. Everything else will be removed, including the poster.