Real Men Have Long Hair

A group to celebrate and appreciate long hair on men.

Please observe the following

1. Please do not saturate the timeline with shot after shot of models.
A couple a day are ok .
Abuse of this will result in a polite warning then removal from group.

This group was set up to celebrate everyday men with long hair and we want people to feel happy about posting .

A page heavy with model shots can put off people posting. the odd couple are ok but the timeline has become too model shot heavy.

2. No hate , homophobia or visciousness will be tollerated.
If a thread is closed or admin request you no longer comment on a thread, anyone abusing or ignoring the request will be removed and banned .Threads that turn nasty may also be taken down without warning.

3. opinions differ .... please play nice and keep this a nice trouble free group .
Do not feed the Trolls .
Report post so admin can look at it.

4. This is a public page so no pornographic images or full frontal nudity please there are some closed groups for more fruity shots thanks :)

Please bare in mind admin have a life too !
Let one of the admin know if they can't deal with it they may contact another to.
It will be dealt with as quick as possible but please do not expect things to be done instantly.

Admins decision is FINAL .
Please do not argue about it .

Thanks and please keep this page the happy nice place it has been for years :) He11cat.