Exeter University Water Polo Club

Think swimming, one-armed basketball/netball, fast-paced teamwork and lots of laughs on top. Meet EUWPC.

Water polo is a sport that many of us never get introduced to. Seven players on each team, 2 goals, one netball sized ball, no touching the bottom, 4 quarters of 7 minutes, and the most exhilarating game you will ever play on water.

Unbelievably good for fitness, great social events throughout the year, games almost every week in the UPOLO, BUCS and South West leagues for the more competitive players and to top it off some of the best people you will meet in your time at Exeter. You can make it as competitive as you like, just make sure you come along and get involved!!

Mondays- 7-8 (Ladies)
Wednesdays- 7-8 (Men)
Fridays- 7-8:30 (Ladies)
Fridays- 8:30-10 (Men)

Contact the Women's Captain; Dani Staunton (dls206@exeter.ac.uk) or the Men's Captain; Tom Benson (tb33@exeter.ac.uk) for more info

Women's Vice Captain; Camilla Camerea (cc521@exeter.ac.uk) and Men's Vice Captain; Chris Sharwood (cs453@exeter.ac.uk)

Social Secretaries; Matilda O'Regan (mo275@exeter.ac.uk), Sarah Philipson (sep217@exeter.ac.uk), Freddie Harcourt (fh252@exeter.ac.uk)