Japan Student Association (Purdue University)

Japan Student Association of Purdue University was created in order to:
- Introduce members to Japan and its distinguished culture.
- Share important information and advice regarding Japanese-English bilingual careers, internships, and study abroad in Japan.
- Meet new people, make new friends, and improve the communication and relationship among the membership of Purdue University students, faculty and staff.

- 日本や日本文化の魅力をメンバーに紹介する。
- 新しい人々に出会い、新しい友達をつくる。パデュー大学の学生、教員、スタッフとの交流を深める。

The officers of JSA of this semester are the following:

President: Jingyi Xu (Diana)
Vice President of internal affairs: Cong Mu (Satoru)
Vice President of external affairs: Mao Konishi
Treasurer: Guanyin Yan (Jack)
Secretary: Ming Lee
Career Information Liaison: Hakusho Chin
PR: Yufei Weng, Thomas Ishikawa
Webmaster: Sam Keller
Faculty Assistant:  Dr. Atsushi Fukada

Please join us!! We're all friendly people so please don't feel discouraged if your knowledge of Japan or the language of Japanese is limited!
We are all striving to make an enjoyable club!
We need your support!!

Our official Website : http://japanst.wix.com/jsa2010
Twitter: @Purdue_JSA
Email: purduejapanst@gmail.com

* This is the official facebook group for the Purdue Japan Student Association. We will post updates and information concerning the student organization on this page. *