Ethiopian Adoptees of the Diaspora

****This group is exclusively for adoptees****

After numerous conversation about the absence of Ethiopian voices in adoption circles, Aselefech and Annette-Kassaye decided to start this group as a way to initiate more discussion and dialogue between Ethiopian adoptees in an effort to build a strong community capable of advocating for the needs and interests of Ethiopian adoptees.

We also want to create a safe space where adoptees can feel comfortable sharing their views, opinions and even frustrations with adoption in a respectful and thoughtful manner.

Lastly, we hope to create more awareness of current adoption issues and also to encourage Ethiopain adoptees to participate in adoptee/adoption events, to collaborate with other adoptees in their projects or maybe even launch their own!

Our voices are needed in order to improve the state of affairs for current and future adoptees, so please join us and speak up :-)

Aselefech and Annette-Kassaye