Cambridge University Caving Club (CUCC)

Discover the beauty (& the misery) of the underground!

Do you have an explorer's spirit? Or an interest in the magnificent formations hidden beneath your feet?

CUCC is only one club in Cambridge that can take you where no human has been before. The club holds a weekend trip roughly every two weeks to british caves, regular ropework training sessions, a weekly pubmeet and lunch.

Within a year of your first trip underground, you can join the summer expedition to Austria where you will map and document completely virgin cave. For those looking for a more relaxed caving vacation, there's a trip to the spectacular Ardeche region in france every Easter.

We like our caving, but more importantly, CUCC just likes to have fun. This includes drinking beer, climbing trees and rocks, eating locusts, and blowing things up!

Our extensive tackle store can lend you all the gear you need, and our library is stocked with useful information.