Eritrean Muslims

Assalamu Alaikum waRahamtuAllahi waBaraktuh

“And hold fast together to the Rope of Allah and do not split-up.” [Sura Al-Imraan 3:103]

"I only desire reform to the best of my power. And my guidance cannot come except from Allah, in Him I trust and unto Him I repent" [Sura Hud 11:88]

"We relate to thee their story in truth: they were youths who believed in their Lord, and We advanced them in guidance: We gave strength to their hearts: Behold, they stood up and said: "Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and of the earth: never shall we call upon any god other than Him: if we did, we should indeed have uttered an enormity!" (Al-Kahf 18:13-14)

The Prophet (PBUH) said "Pass on knowledge from me even if it is only one verse"

Welcome All to this group where we as Eritrean Muslims could help each other in better understanding our deen InshaAllah. It’s our aim that we all will Learn, Unite and Share our knowledge with others in our communities.

Enko'a Dahan Metsakum / Marhaba/ Welcome!!