Bengal Cat Owners and Lovers

Welcome to our Bengal Group...Please read the rules below!!!

It's unfortunate that it has to come to this, but our group will be making some changes because it seems we are continuing to have issues with constant bickering and negativity.

For now, all group posts will have to be approved by an admin. If you make a negative comment, engage in a fight that starts between members, or break any of our rules that have been clearly stated for quite some time now, you will be removed without warning.

Because of recent events, our admins feel that it is necessary to implement some general rules. Each member is expected to read & comply with these rules!! Please note that us posting these rules will serve as a "first warning" of sorts. That being said, admins may remove members with or without warning!!!

-Blocking: Under no circumstances can any member block any of our admins. Doing so will result in immediate removal from page.

-Tag an Admin! : If there is an issue or a post in need of removal, please tag an admin in the post. This is a very large group, and none of us plan to sit and scan the bring something to our attention when the need arises.

-"Cat Fights" : This page may be for the feistiest of felines, but let's leave the drama to them. Fights and arguments that escalate to anything more than a mature opinion will not be tolerated. Get involved, you risk removal. If you have negative thoughts or opinions, keep them to yourself and allow an admin to handle it!

-The "Is it or Isn't It a Bengal" issue: If a member posts on the group ACTUALLY looking for an opinion, please comment in a way that will not start one of the above mentioned cat fights. We realize that this subject may come up, but handle it like adults.

-Discrimination: This group is for Bengal Owners AND Bengal Lovers alike! :) Some seem to have gotten the idea that somehow this page is only for the purebred, & this is not the case!! Any discrimination will not be tolerated....Because we are animal lovers here!! Yes, the focus is on the amazing Bengal breed, but all of your gorgeous babies are welcome! We will not tolerate members putting others down based on the generation, mix, or breed of their pet!! Please keep this in mind & be welcoming to all other members!

-Keep all posts mature, non-offensive, and reasonable for the viewing of other members. Crude language won't be tolerated, and neither will bashing. Think before you post, Think before you comment.

-Let's keep this page a place where we can ask each other questions...request and provide advice....and share the awesome, cute, quirky, & crazy pictures and posts about our amazing Bengal cats...& of course, why we love them ♥

~Your Admins :)