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This site is intended for those people that want to get rid of some things laying around the house or get items at a discounted price. This site is for people who want to make a little extra cash or even spend a little. Have fun Be nice!! RULES! : sellers when u have an item listed and there are multiple people interested please go in order as to who commented first.. be fair or be banned.....buyers do not say u will take something if someone else already has said they want it. If the item does not sell the seller can re list it. I have no problem banning people from this site if u don't play fair! Bidding wars are NOT an option on here. If you want an auction on your item you will need to put that in an "Auction site". NOT HERE. If I see that you are selling a stolen item you will be turned over to the police and then deleted from this site with out warning. ALL ITEMS NEED PRICES AND SIZES. If I see an item with out a price on it then it will be deleted with out explanation. This attempts bidding wars again which are STRICTLY PROHIBITED....Also I ask that Guns, ammunition and anything pertaining to that NOT be put on this site. That is taking to much risk. Im sure that there are other sites out there that allow it for you to list your items. If you have a problem please bring it to the attention of myself, Melissa Calderon or Angel Williams via private message .... Please remember that we are not babysitters and also can not make people do something that you want them to do. We are only here to keep a clean site. Thanks !