Ontario Hunters Unite!

This group is to find, make friends with, and share hunting adventures and opportunities amongst local Ontario residents.

Anyone from anywhere else in Canada is more then welcome to join. I suppose our American neighbours to the south have a place here as well. Particularly if they have hunted in our pristine lands.

Whether its Waterfowl, upland birds, big game, small game, predators or fishing its all here. Archery, rifles, shotty's, muzzelloaders, rods and reels.
From the fields and woodlots of the south. Throughout the vast boreal and mixed forests, past the taiga and into the low and lonely tundra of the north.
With 100 000 incredible lakes in between, this province is near unbeatable if your a hunter or angler...or both!

I hope everyone who joins this site loves the wildlife they pursue as much as I do. We should all be conservation minded sportsmen (and women) doing what we can to manage and preserve our natural resources. Hunting ethically and within the framework of the law is also of utmost importance for ourselves and others, and to keep our legacy respected by non-hunters!

Lets do what we can, using this group as a tool to discuss current issues, learn of additional opportunities, new or special seasons, and most importantly, to meet each other.

This forum was established in order to encourage one another, provide inspirational stories, to share bountiful wealth and knowledge of hunting. We encourage people to share their stories and indulge us in your pursuit of game across Ontario. We do not condone demoralization of this group.

From here on, we have established a code of conduct for participation to the group Ontario Hunters Unite. We are free to debate and discuss issues relating to hunting and trapping, fishing, wildlife management and general lifestyles of living off the land. We do not permit the use of slander, belittling one another, prejudice, or insulting comments. The point of this website is to be courteous and share information you have gained as a hunter over the years. Feel free to post questions, information that is beneficial to the group, or general comments about the outdoors. We do not want Ontario Hunters Unite to represent a poor view in the public eye. We are continuously in the view of the common public and many people do not understand our passions and interest. We are expected to be good citizens and role models for the hunting community. Please reflect upon your hunter education course and the positive role models that lead you into your relationship with the outdoors. Take a moment before replying to a thread, do not let your emotions race wild, think about what you really want to convey to the group. Members that do not comply with the code of conduct will be eliminated from the group, permanently.

Good hunting!