♥ GO SHOPPING ♥ Strathmore and Area Home Business'

This group was created so that home business' in Strathmore can advertise and network. It's also a place for consumers to see who the local representatives are. Please be respectful of our fellow reps, even if it is competition. Please delete your post/link if it is no longer relevant. Please refrain from using this group to sell household items and such, there are great groups for that. :)

Please create a page for your home business, and use this page to promote it, or use you URL. Placing multible posts at once from the same company clutters the wall, burying other posts, and may be deleted without notice.

If you find that you have requested to join the group, with no response, it is because I am unable to see info on where you are from and/or, what the products you are promoting. I do this in effort to keep this group local, and to keep spammers out. Please send me a PM and I will be sure to add you. :)