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This is an unofficial group for members of Girlguiding to share ideas & thoughts about anything involved in Guiding.

Stuck for game ideas? Looking for a new badge to work through? Got a dilemma in your unit? Come & chat here in the group with fellow Guiders for ideas; any info you need, any questions you’d like to ask, stick them in the group. All we ask is that you try & keep on topic as much as you can. We don’t mind the odd occasional bit of randomness though!

Racist, rude & discriminatory posts will be deleted, in line with official Girlguiding recommendations. Please do not post anything that may bring Girlguiding into disrepute.

Although we are an unofficial group and not endorsed by Girlguiding, we always want to adhere to official policy within the group, so please keep this in mind before posting. We would particularly like to highlight Girlguiding online policy, which we would like you to think about before posting in the group, particularly with regards to posting pictures. The policy can be found here - (You will need to log into Go! to view the page). If you haven’t already read the pages there, please have a look. When posting pictures of girls, as long as you have written permission from the parents before you put them up and avoid mentioning full names or other information that could reveal their identities, then it is allowed. If admins see anything posted where a child can be identified and no permission is ascertained, info will be deleted.

If you want to sell anything in this group keep it Guiding related. We're all badge addicts and happy to see badges being sold on here, old uniform and equipment, anything like that as long as it's Guiding related. Any posts selling stuff not related (ie. not craft/badge/uniform) will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be blocked. People signing up just to advertise their business will likely be deleted. Posts advertising non-Guiding-related businesses will also be deleted.

Lots of new people are asking to join, & we try hard to keep spambots & profiles out of the group; it's always possible that someone may slip through the net either way. If you are human(!) & believe we have rejected your request in error, please send us a message & let us know.

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Disclaimer: The views & opinions expressed in this group are those of the individual member, & do not necessarily reflect those of Girlguiding.

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