John F Kennedy Elementary School

Chomedey Laval's own JFK

John F. Kennedy Elementary School was founded in 1964 and was completely renovated in 1999. The school is located in the heart of Laval and houses 445 students. The school has strong ties to the community and prides itself on the social and academic achievement of its students.---Source: ---

JFK had a lot of memories. It was known for many things. If you went to JFK you would remember:

-Being able to sing: Three Cheers For JFK! the school national anthem by heart and the Canadian national anthem as well.

-The school playground that was off limits during recess time. And if you went there, you would be put on the wall like a fool during lunch time LOL!

-It was considered cool to jump off the railing in the sandbox. Some people hurt their ankles however.

-The other school across the fences was considered enemy territory.

-JFK also stood for Jail For Kids.

-Some of the teachers were really nice like Mrs. Montealegre or Mrs. Hopkins but there were horrendous ones too like the zucchini man.

-You played "suicide" with the tennis balls on the walls.

-Sliding down the hills on the Carnivals was fun.

-Soccer was kickass.

-Playday was fun and it was funny when the older grades would butt in line while flashing their blue cards.

-Playing the game "champ" on the 2X2 squares.

-Jungle Gym!

-The field trips went like this: Kindergarten: Some farm, Grade 1: Apple Picking, Grade 2: Biodome, Grade 3: Olympic Stadium, Grade 4: Centre De La Nature, Grade 5: Biosphere, and Grade 6: La Ronde.

-The 2KM walk at Centre De La Nature.


-JFK was known to dominate in handball!

-Dodgeball was a classic.

-Split classes didn't mean squat.

-The gopher!

-The lunch ladies consisted of: Miss Linda, Miss Sue, Mrs. Kukulsky, the mean looking one with the blonde mullet, the frizzy haired one, and that really old looking one.

-Playing pogs all day long! And cheating while at it. Well sometimes.

-The Grade 2 pen pals from Terry Fox! LOL!

-Fighting to dance with the poles! Credit=Nadia C.

-The lunch ladies making everyone stay in the cold at a bad -50 degree weather! Credit=Cynthia D.

-Dropping everything you were doing like there's no tomorrow to get some tennis balls! Credit=Michael I.

-Real Champs played the game with honour. There was no slamming, whipping, double, triple, or quadrupal touching in the game in at all. Credit=Bryan M.

-The JFK Olympics and the crippled stage for all the plays, etc. People used to think you could get lost in the school. Credit=Tania C.

-Having two guys battle it out hanging onto the bars of the jungle gym outside in whatever way possible except using the arms, since they are occupied by hanging onto the bars. They then try to make each other drop down to the sand below. The winner then takes on the next challenger. The secret is to grab him as high as possible, and while trying to induce as much pain as possible as to rip him down in one swift move. Credit=Rodney T.

If anything else, feel free to point it out.....