Celtic Wicca

This is a group to all who share the love of Celtic Wicca and who follows its path. There will be discussions about Ancient Mythology, Gods and Goddesses, Rituals, Spellwork etc. Of course this group isn't intended for just followers of the Celtic faith. This group is open to all paths and traditions.

-Be respectful. No harressing or bashing allowed.
-Debating/opinions are always welcome, but keep it nice. Anyone who can't act like an adult will be banned.
-Advertising for Wiccan related products, events, etc. are welcome but please don't be abusive about it.
-Spammers (and trolls) will be banned!
-ENGLISH only, please. If I can't understand it, then I can't admin it!

Any questions, comments, concerns, etc. feel free to contact the admin in a PM. (Select "admins" from the drop down menu of our member list.)