Trekking Malta

About Trekking Malta:

Early in the Millennium year, a number of enthusiasts got together and got down to organizing regular outdoor trekking events. The group of guys and dolls were quite keen on the idea and had great thoughts on how to grow this event. Most of the members in the group had already been buddies for a long time going camping for weekends or for long spurts of camping holidays.
This event, like many camping events before it, was open to any interested trekker or any other persons from any walk of life; anybody who was eager enough to want to spend the odd weekend in the outdoors.
Gradually the group became more well-ordered and well-organized in its ways covering nearly all the treks which were to be found around the Maltese Islands. The season starts in October ending in May, depending on the weather. Treks are usually held on Saturday afternoons 3 times a month. The calendar of events would be sent to active members of Trekking Malta (not just fb members). If you are interested to join, please contact your contact details on a private message.