You know you're from Moses Lake if...

This is a page for people from Moses Lake. It is a page to reminisce about the old Moses Lake, and to catch up on what's going on in the city now. It is not a place to sell your things or post want ads in Moses Lake. Please search to find other FB pages where you can do those things in the city and county. They are out there. Thanks and enjoy!

You must be from Moses Lake if...

*Listening to "Paradise City" or "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" reminds you of the Molahiettes.

*You know what a Molahiette is.

*The highlight of the summer is The Fair.

*You've witnessed "Summer Nights" being performed at the Annual Lip-Sync Competition. (Someone does "Summer Nights" every damn year!!!)

*You've actually performed in the Annual Lip-Sync competition. (My sister even won one year!!)

*You've seen the Bed-Races at Spring Fest.

*You had your first beer at the Dunes.

*You recognize more than half of the names in the Basin Records, marriage announcements, birth announcements and obituaries.

*Going to "The City" always means going to Seattle.

*The backdrop of your senior picture was a field.

*The wrestlers are the best team at the high school.

*The "Mall" doesn't have a food court- it has a Safeway!

*You were excited when they finally built a Starbucks (like, in 2002)

*You've driven on Potato Hill Road.

*You've been out to The Potholes.

*If it's a Friday night in the fall, everyone in town is at Lion's Field.

*Your science teacher was arrested for possession of kiddie porn.

*You think The Base is the ghetto.

*If someone talks about their "Ward", you know their religion

*Each night, you have to decide whether to watch the Seattle news or the Spokane news.

* You took the J.A.L. Flight in 6th grade.

* February 2nd, 1996 was the worst day of your childhood.

* When someone talks about "George Washington" you think about concerts and not the president.

*You've referred to someone as an Ephrata Ho.

*You identify with most of this list.

Feel free to add more.