You might be from Powder Springs if...

For anyone from the awesome little town of Powder Springs, Georgia... yeah there's not much to do, but you know you love it!

1. You've ever wanted to blow up the train tracks just so you can get to church on time.

2. You've ever sat and waited for a train for more than 20 minutes.

3. You've ever thought how awkward it must be for First Baptist and First Methodist to be ten feet away from each other.

4. You've lived in PS your whole life and have never walked through those little shops in the center of town.

5. You laugh when people mention "downtown Powder Springs."

6. You were sad when Winn Dixie closed down.

7. You get used to hearing tornado sirens every Wednesday afternoon.

8. You remember when Brownsville Road was mostly just trees.

9. You survived Hurricane Opal and were telling your survival story for years to come.

10. You've ever seen the big Indian on the McEachern campus covered in toilet paper.

11. You remember when Dairy Queen was the only respectable place to eat in town.

12. You actually see more than 5 people in PS Park and know it must be Powder Springs Day (including about a million Boy Scouts).

13. Snow is serious business.

14. You know the meaning of "Sonny Lied" and "Punt Perdue."

15. You could never find a parking space at the Library because there was only room for like five cars.

16. You took a trip to Hiram every couple days to get to a Wal Mart.

17. You knew our little city was cooler because we had Sun Valley Beach!!

18. Summer vacation consisted of driving five minutes to Sun Valley, staying there all day and then stopping by DQ on the way home.

19. You were never exactly sure why the trains that run through PS seem to just.... stop? And not go anywhere for half an hour?

20. The only times there are traffic jams are on Sunday mornings, and on Friday nights during football season.

21. Going to the "city" means driving to Atlanta.

22. You technically live in two counties. =)

Add more if y'all can think of them! remember when 5 different Mexican restaurants opened simultaneously.'ve been to a restaurant that serves Mexican and Thai.

...if you've ever been pulled over twice on the same road on the same day.

...if you remember when La Parilla was a Bojangles and before that a Hardee's

...if you used to ride your bike from your house to the BMX track behind Tapp Middle School.

...if you remember when there was no E.W. Connector running from Austell to Kennesaw.

...if you remember when the Old Lost Mtn store was untampered with and still had some meaning. Now its a stinkin bank.

...if you remember when Hiram consisted of only Sparkles, Western Sizzlin and K-Mart!

...if you used to ride on bike trails in the woods up until they built Meek Rd over it.

...if you used to be able to drive 60mph on Old Lost Mtn Rd. and not get a ticket every... single...time!

...If you remember when we didn't have to dial 770 or 404

...if the exciting thing to do on Friday night was to go skating at Sparkles :0)

...If you've rebuilt the bike trails at Powder Springs Park more than 3 times, just to find the cops or baseball kids tore them down again.

...If you've every worked at Johnny's BBQ for 3 years and lived to tell about it.

...if you've ever skipped more days then you've went to school, and still passed.

...if you've ever rode your bike to Sun Valley just to find out the jack up the price $2 more than you've got.

...if you know what "PTTS" means :-)

...if you remember when the BP station was a 1-room Amaco Station

...if you've never gone into Johnny's BBQ and NOT seen at least 5 people you know!

...if the waitresses at Johnny's know what you want before you order!

...if you remember when there was no Publix, and Powder Springs Road was 2 lanes all the way to Marietta

...if you ever went to the Video Wonderland near the Winn Dixie. know playing a baseball game at PS was playing without hearing anything for half of the game because of the damn trains, which you insisted on destroying.

...if you can remember when Little Caesars was in the former Kroger parking lot.

...if you can remember when Powder Springs Elem. School mascot was the Indians, not the Panthers. know that if you're cruisin' Macland Road the 55 limit is just a suggestion and that if you're going to stay safe you'll go at least 65. know who Ralph Williams is and you can remember McEachern's glory days.

...Mr. T's was a staple in your diet. ever bought cigarettes from Foodland before you were sixteen. live/ go to church/ go to school/ and work all within a 2 mile radius of each other. go to MHS and think you're better than all the other schools, or you go to another school and hate those MHS kids cuz they think they r better than everyone else :0

..."fun" is going to Walmart on Saturday use the Big Chicken/Walmart/churches
as landmarks when giving directions.

...everyone you go to school with you've known since elementary days

...the kids you go to school with in elem. dissapear in middle school and come out of nowhere in high school (stupid districting)

...if you've ever wondered what those 2 pair of columns on Austell-Powder Springs Road were for?

... you remember when Johnny's was Donny's, before it was Johnny's agin, then it was Donny's... (and the menu was always the same).

...or when you finally got the nerve to swim in the pool you couldnt because of how many people were in it. were a peewee cheerleader and there were always fights between Powder Springs Cowboys or Powder Springs Indians! GO COWBOYS!

...if you got sad everytime it rained because you knew half the park was going to be under water for at least 3 days...

...if you played Little League baseball and would forget about everything going on when a train went by. remember "beach parties" on Sat. nights with live bands at Sun Valley. ever drank water out of the pump thingy at PS Park.

...went to 5th Quarter at McEachern Methodist.

...remember when Johnny's BBQ was Wallace's.

...remember when Country Walk was the shiznit. lived in Powder Springs BEFORE all the huge neighborhoods. attended a dance at the lovely Ron Anderson Building remember the old Powder Springs Elementary School and maybe even went there for a year or two. can't remember the last time the playground at Powder Springs Park wasn't flooded after it rained.

...if you used to hang out in the McDonalds parking lot.

...if you remember the two cops in PowderSprings that drove Monty Carlo SS...