Nigerian Dwarf Goats For Sale

This group is for Nigerian Dwarf Goat Breeders who have Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale.
This is NOT a health/question/answer or goat info page, all non sales posts and sold goats will be removed
Please post with the state from where you are from, and other info on the goat for sale (like price, shipping, etc).
If your goat is Sale Pending or Sold, REMOVE THEM, Don't mark them Sold or Sale Pending, the reason for this is that if everyone marked them sold, the only goats at the top of the page would be sold goats.
That way all the goats on the wall will be available.
Good Luck with Selling!
No negative comments about goats or breeders will be tolerated, those members will be removed.
This is an excellent, free way to market your goats.