All the things Starbucks employees want to say but can't.

Alright everyone, we all know how much starbucks is loved by many. In fact, for most people its a stop in their daily schedule... for some its a four or five time a day thing. Some of you we love, some of you we wish would get the picture, and it is for those people I made this group. Here are the list of things you guys could do, that would make being a barista soo much easier!

1. Look at the writing on the cup before you ask us "is this drink mine?"... usually your name is on it.
2. After paying for your drink go stand by the hand off counter and listen, otherwise your frappaccino sits and melts for twenty minutes, and by the time you come for it, claiming you couldn't hear us call it its all seperated and you want another one.
3. speaking of frappaccino's... its frappaccino, not "blended" or "ice blended". We are Starbucks. Not Coffee bean, Dunn Bro's or Duncun Donuts.
4. If the decaf coffe goes out and you've just ordered it, please don't yell. We didn't do it. If you'd like to wait the four minutes it takes to brew, be my guest, if not, you might as well waste your energy yelling at the last guy who ordered decaf coffe. Its much more his fault you didn't get yours than our fault.
5. We are not incharge of ordering. The manager is, and sometimes things get messed up. So if we don't have Awake tea because we ran out, please don't let us know how you think we should focus solely on ordering Awake because half the other teas people dont even buy and you think its ridiculous we dont have what you want.
6. We don't read minds. Mochas, frappaccino's, gingerbread lattes, hot chocolate, white mocha, carmel apple cider, pumpkin spice lattes, and cinnamon dolce lattes COME with whip cream. If you dont want it, you need to specify that when we initially take your order. even if you say nonfat or sugarfree... some people just like whip cream.
7. Listen when we ask you questions, sometimes, we aren't just trying to get you to buy stuff. Like when we say, "would you like room for cream?" ... the proper response would be "yes" or "no", not "thats all" or "i don't want anything else". same goes for when we ask if you'd like your receipt.
8. Just because someone comes up to the other register while you're standing in line does not mean they can ring you up, or take your order. They may be clocking out to go home. Sorry if they come off rude, but when you work an 8 hour day with some of these people you'll understand.
9. Please don't stand at the hand off couner and say "I didn't want soy!" when we start to pour a drink. You are not the only one who's ordered and usually it isn't even your drink. I don't come to your work and say, "I didn't want the full coverage plan!" while you're filing someone elses information.
10. Speaking of your work verses ours, say you are an insurance agent... would you be surprised if someone came in and said... is there anyway I can get full coverage life insurance AND auto insurance, even though I know i've only paid for one? I'm sure you would. So don't expect us to give you a drink for less than the price on the board. This is not up for negotiation! And we are sorry, but extra shots of espresso, and extra syrups, soy and breve costs extra money. There isn't anything we can do about it. Again, this is NOT FOR NEGOTIATION.
11. Usually we greet you at the register with "Hi how are you today"... the proper response is not your drink order. Its ususally common courtesy to respond, "Fine" "Well" "Horrible"or anything else that directly relates to the question.
12. No we don't have anything special for us in the back. And our back room isn't the size of the walmart warehouse, so it is possible that we know without looking that we're out of lemon loaf, horizon milk or a new tumbler we started selling.
13. The tip jar is not for you to use when you dont have the change for your drink.
14. When we are cleaning the lobby, we are not rounding up everyones refills. If you'd like a refill, you can stand in line like every other customer.
15. We can not take your order from the hand off plane. You need to go stand in line. Pay. And then get your drink.
16. If you expect a quality drink with good milk and the proper ingredients do not expect it out in less than a minute. We are not a fast food resturant.
17. No, we can not warm up your cold coffee. We don't have a microwave, and if we did, it would be horrible.
18. If you dont like your drink and we remake you one, don't ask "well, are you just going to throw this away?" and when we answer," yes unless you want it", don't be all upset because its wasted. You are the one wanting another one.
19. Hot water goes in chai. It always has. It always will. Unless you ask otherwise.
20. We have to hand you a cup, with a lid and a sleeve on it.