Stuart Mesa Housing Wives <3

Simple Big Girl Rules :

-Stuart Mesa Past or Present Residents only. You will not be added if you don't live in Stuart Mesa and you will be deleted if you're just here to cause problems.

-Be a lady and use your big girl pants. No drama, bashing or bullying. No venting (there is a SM vent page for such posts). Keep it classy and respectful, do unto others, sprinkle unicorn dust and fairy farts to keep the peace if you must.

-New rule! Bringing your spouse's rank into ply to try to 'one up' another wife isn't allowed in this group. Neither is telling someone to come to their house to fight you/say something to your face. Take that ish to PM. Ain't nobody got time for that.

-Do not screenshot this page. Doing so is grounds for automatic deletion with no warning or explanation.

-Don't block admins. We can still see you, you're not being sneaky or sly and you show up in big bold letters, making you less conspicuous than before you blocked one of us. If you block one of us, you'll be asked to unblock or leave the page.

-OPSEC/PERSEC. Don’t know what it means? Ask your AD service member.

-No spam, no buying and selling, including advertising your business, MyCAA, consultants, vendors, scams or advertising your babysitting services (including FCC providers).

-On that note, yard sales, fundraisers/verifiable charity events and free items are totally fine.

-Please check the page prior to posting if something happens. Don't flood the page with the same topic 10x.

-The files have many regularly needed phone numbers, we encourage you to check there first.

-If you have a question regarding housing and you need a solid response, free of speculation or inaccuracies, call the office. No one on this page works for Lincoln, so we cannot guarantee you a 100% error free answer unless official communication has been sent on paper or email by housing themselves.

-We're not your babysitters, we're not your mothers, we're not your liaisons to the office, the school, the commanding general of CP or Chesty Puller's ghost. We're just page admins. We just make sure no one calls anyone a hooha or a ding-dong. Please play nice, we love you but we have families too.

*April Coleman, Crystal Schenk, Cody Bounds, Joana Davis