Oracle Report


“There are many races in the galaxy, but how many have the opportunity to be expressing their souls in collaboration with a planet that is the physical embodiment of the very consciousness that created it?”

MISSION The Oracle Report serves as a daily beacon to help us remain grounded and aligned with the Earth, Gaia-Sophia, during the end of the Kali Yuga.

FOUNDATION The Oracle Report is based on upholding the principles of the sacred feminine and masculine to restore order and balance. Freedom of the mind is the core tenet.

METHOD Insight into the pre-dominant daily energy patterns is given to help us not just navigate the energy but also re-imprint it for the future. The Oracle Report is a deliberate effort to infuse sanity, beauty, creativity, and expression into the daily astrological dynamics, which occur in cycles. This collaborative effort shapes the future.

AIM Quite simply, the aim of the Oracle Report is to help us fall back in love with life through re-discovery of our true origin and nature, as described in the myth of the Fall of the Wisdom Goddess (see and

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