Exeter City Football Club

I've just added a bunch of you to this group but if you know anyone who is interested in footy, ADD THEM TO THIS GROUP This page will be where Exeter students will be able to find out when Exeter City's next big game is on and how they will be able to get tickets for only £5 thanks to the bargaining power of Exeter Student Guild! (normal charges being £19 per ticket!) Exeter City Football Club want the students to get more involved and create great events for bunches of students who enjoy football or even just feel like coming for a social event. The next big game is on this saturday 1st October. EXETER CITY vs OLDHAM- BIG BANK kick off: 3pm at St James Park Stadium. To get tickets, either contact me or for future matches there will be a 'fatsoma' link where you will be able to buy an e-ticket. Tell all your friends, they should put on some good games this year!