Canadian FOR SALE -No businesses

This group was created to buy and sell in Canadian, Texas. NO BUSINESSES PLEASE. There is another group called FOR SALE IN CANADIAN that allows businesses. This site is for people selling their own items.

Below are a few guidelines to go by in order to keep the page running smoothly.

• You can post as much as you want, just be considerate of others when you are posting. Remember that when you post multiple items= someone else’s post gets bumped to the bottom. Just try to be considerate.
• We understand if you post from a cell phones, but if you are on a computer, PLEASE TRY to make albums when posting several of the same kinds of pictures. It upsets a lot of our members to have to scroll through 50 pictures from just one person.
• If you aren’t able to make an album, try to take a picture of multiple items in the same picture.
• Please don’t double post. Double posting is when you post a picture or a post one day and repost the same post/picture the next day.
• If you post something please take the time to remember to come and check it for responses. We will try and tag your name if we see no response to questions being asked on your post.
• If you sell something, but you are unable to delete it, please put “SOLD” on it so we know it is sold. We don't mind deleting it for you.
• IF you aren’t from Canadian, please put the city you are posting from. If you wish to post things for sale here, please have a plan in your mind as to how you will have it delivered here. OR post that it has to be picked up from wherever you are located.
• If you have an issue with someone not responding on a post, it may be easier to tag their name. (They will receive a notification that their name was mentioned in a comment.)
• When you are in a transaction, please "Private Message" the person your phone number or address. It is for your safety.
• Try to write down your buyers information when it sells. Sometimes we will have a heavy posting day following your sale and it is harder to find your original post later.
Again, these are just some guidelines to go by to help this site run smoothly. We appreciate everyone using this site! Happy Posting!